2 Bugs: Multiple download folders & play button goes into circular arrow

My phone is OPPO Find X3 Neo 5G running Android 13.

I was in developers mode and discovered I had multiple download folders on my phone



When I deleted them and played my audio recordings for my Scripture I think I found a bug if I was flipping through the chapters and listening to the files and watching the next chapter downloaded onto my phone in developers mode (ie: the actual folder which it was getting downloaded into). If I went to the next chapter which was being download and started the play button too soon the play button would change to a rotating circular arrow. It would rotate even after the file was downloaded (I was watching it download into the folder). I thought if the file has downloaded the circle would stop rotating and it would play. That is probably the way it should work. How I fixed this was if I moved backwards to the previous chapter and then back to the chapter which I jumped to to soon. It would work properly.

Could you please report this bug in SAB. This should be rectified. If a person moves too fast to the next chapter and hits play and the play button goes into a moving circular arrow this should stop when the audio file is downloaded and it should play.

Another bug I found

I discovered that on my phone even after deleting these multiple download folders and starting from a clean phone when I started to listen to the audio files it created at least 2 folders on my phone and the audio files would download into them. Here they are



They are not all in one folder some are in one and others in the other. No strict reason from what I can perceive. However after listening to the entire NT and OT. Most was in 2. folder and only 8 in 1. folder. I couldn’t work out why. It shouldn’t create two different download folders.

I have reported the bug of the Play button circling endlessly. Our app does this too.