2020-12-09 Scriptoria Update

The following changes have been pushed to https://app.scriptoria.io

Sidebar closing

When the window is narrow, then there is a hamburger menu and a slide out sidebar. There was an issue where you couldn’t close the sidebar.

Website Refresh Issues

We have received funding to fix some issues with how the web application being displayed by user updates when changes happen on the server. This has allowed us to hire a contractor to address these issues. We will be pushing these out as soon as they are available to allow you to test this out. If you still see the issue, please let us know (send an email to chris underscore hubbard at sil dot org).

User Tasks not displaying

When a product was deleted, the user tasks were not updated correctly and there would be an error Cannot read property 'type' of null displayed in the User Task lists.

Current task for product not update correctly

When the workflow for a product changed the current assigned task (displayed under the product), the project page would not reflect that correctly.

Owner and group would not update correctly

If and admin reassigned a project to another user, the change would not be correctly updated.