2nd layout pane not showing on iOS on first open

Using SAB 8.6.6 (current latest), I have a potential bug with the two pane layout. I have the default view set to two pane; with a 2nd language underneath. On Android the same app works perfectly, but on iOS (both sim and real test phone) the 2nd pane shows blank and just says ‘button’. It IS possible to select a 2nd language using the selector but its not a great look the first time the app is opened if the users is presented with this.

Can someone help please?

I don’t have a solution but rather a similar problem.
If you choose the verse-by-verse multi-language option on my app but choose only 2 languages (it allows up to 3 so I mean leaving the 3rd option blank) it will crash when you tap ‘OK’.

Again, this is only on iOS.
If you choose a 3rd language it works fine.

this is now a new topic: iOS app crashes when only 2 languages selected in verse-by-verse multi-language mode


@david_moore1 is looking into your issue.

Hello Craig,

It would be better to post issues into a separate topic. Thanks.


Thanks @ChrisHubbard @david_moore1 let me know if you need any more info or testing.

This problem has been corrected and will be available in the next release. If you need something earlier, let me know.

@david_moore1 thank you so much! I’d be keen to get something earlier if its possible to get a beta version, I’m basically all ready to submit to the app store. But if its going to be a lot of work for you, I’m happy to wait.