8.0 and graphite

Does 8.0 still not support the CrossWalk viewer, and thus graphite fonts?

Using graphite is a requirement of our project, so upgrading has not been an option for us. I was hoping that we could limp along using 7.2, but I’ve now found run across problems posting to the Play Store since the API (28) the 7.2 isn’t recent enough.

If 8.0 doesn’t include graphite, is it in development or just abandoned? Is there any hack to make 7.2 use API 29 or later?


SAB 8.x still includes configuration for Crosswalk (allowing Graphite fonts). However, it will not work on Android 10+. Crosswalk was abandoned several years ago and we have not been able to update it to work on Android 10.


I took this reply to mean we could still build .apk’s on 8.x, but they wouldn’t work on phones with Android 10+. However after installing 8.3.1 and trying to build, it stops the process and says “Turn off Crosswalk. It is not available on this version. Please contact the App Builder support team if you need it.”

Incidentally, 7.2 built .apk’s which worked fine on my Android 10 phone.

It seems like if SAB won’t even build the apk, that the Crosswalk functionality ought to be completely removed from the builder altogether. Or is there a setting that I’ve somehow missed?


Google dictates what version you must use to be able to submit to the Play Store. They specify that Android 10 (API 29) must be used now.

If you are not submitting to the Play Store you can build with SAB version 7.x and use Crosswalk. It should wok on most phones. Your Android 10 phone can accept apps built by earlier SDK versions. (Backward compatibility.)

Your phones Android version 10 is not the same thing as the Android SDK version 10, they are related but different.

Yes, I have working .apk files using 7.2, but we want to get them on Play Store.

@ChrisHubbard seemed to indicate that 8.* can also build working files, but that they won’t work on Android 10+. Since 8.* only uses API 29, I assumed he meant the apks won’t work on phone versions 10 and 11, not API version 10 (which, as you said, is actually API 29).

That would be an improvement, since it would mean we could get something on the Play Store, even if it wasn’t compatible with all phones. But when I actually choose the Crosswalk option on 8.* it doesn’t give me a warning about limited compatibility… it simply refuses to build an apk.

When I try to build an app using Crosswalk in 8.4, here is the message I get.

I work with another project that has been successful in building an Android app from scratch which correctly uses graphite fonts, so I know it’s possible. However it was also a huge amount of work and I’m hoping to not have to repeat it for every app I help people with. Would it be possible to put the developer of that app together with someone working on SAB, so that he might be able to help get SAB using graphite (probably with some system other than Crosswalk)?

SAB needs to use the Android API 29 so the apps can be submitted to the Play Store. But Crosswalk (a third party software, not developed for 10years) will not compile with the API 29.

If you want Crosswalk, you have to stick to SAB 7.x but you will not be able to submit you apps to Google.