A bit of cleverness for copyright years

Have you ever been almost ready to print when you realised it wasn’t December any more, and you needed to increase the year? (Or worse, did you notice that after it came off the printer?) Did you wish your computer could do it for you?
You could put something like this in the copyright field in PTXprint (basic tab, on full view):

© 2019\endash\the\year\ My Publishing Organisation
  • \endash is an en-dash, U+2013, which looks better than just a hyphen. Using the macro is easier to identify / type from some example code on a webpage than just inserting the unicode character, though of course you could do that.
  • \the\year outputs the current year from your computer’s system clock, as text.
  • \ (slash space) outputs a space. Without it, the space after year would just mark the end of \year and get ignored, and you’d end up with 2023My (this year)

Note that \u2212 :
may be preferred to an en-dash: