A Simpler SAB interface/landing page

Many people we serve find SAB apps too complicated to operate. We’d like to design a new Bible app template/interface where the landing page is more like this

The main feature would be one-click audio–just click the day of the week and you hear the reading (probably a chapter). The app would have all audio included so not need internet to play, and would also show text like a SAB app. We’d also like to program the app to turn on airplane mode, so the user would not be interrupted by sms, messenger, or other push notifications.

If you know how this can be done with SAB using the Contents menu, or another way please contact me. We have some funding for a android developer if you are able to build an app builder with these features. SAB development team please consider the needs of users who would be better served by this type of interface. Thank You,

Roger Green
Thailand SIL

I changed this to a feature request, so people can vote on the suggestion.

I agree as far as less taps to start playing audio. Assuming permission had already been granted, the audio should start playing the moment they hit the speaker in the top right. I feel it’s an unnecessary step to also hit the play triangle on the bottom of the screen.

Looking at your printscreen you may like to try out song book mode:

Basically, each chapter is listed with it’s title.

There is a way that some SAB or RAB app developers make apps, with one, two, or maybe even three levels of embedding and menu selection. I am also of the opinion that that is more difficult for our target audience to navigate, and should be avoided.

I think that an app turning on airplane mode would be too intrusive. Perhaps your app could suggest to the user that they activate “Do not disturb” mode. (Maybe as a part of the recordings?)

Those are just some ideas from my perspective. :smiley:

HI Ian,

The Voting feature in the user group interface is not very noticeable. I did not know it existed before you wrote this message. Would you consider all SAB topics announcement mentioning the Voting feature with a screenshot pointing to it? You might get a lot more votes if people know how to vote.

Also I see that 3 people have voted on my feature request. How can I tell if they voted yes or no?


I had always considered the Voting prominent since it right beside the title of the Post.

The voting is agreement with your suggestion. People don’t have unlimited votes. The more you post, you will get more votes. I don’t know the rules in detail. As a moderator I get a few more votes.