A way to update the location of audio files after changing computers

I’m helping a user move over SAB projects after having changed computers. Our current understanding is that to tell SAB where the audio files are now located, we’ll have to go through each audio file for the project one by one and browse out to it’s location.

I would like to be able to instruct SAB to look in a new location for all of the audio files. Or perhaps an option to have a ‘source’ for audio and then tell SAB to look at a particular source for a particular audio file. Then when that source location has changed, we can update the ‘Source’ without having to update each audio file that is in that source.

I also agree that this would be a helpful feature.

There is a way to not have to browse for each audio file, but it’s not for the faint of heart. You can open the [project].appdef file in the project folder with a text editor, and each audio file will have an entry like this:

<audio chapter="1">
<filename src="h1" len="243936">C:\Users\jeff_\Storage\Resources\NT-Gergiko-Audio\B01___01_Matthieu____MOZWYIN2DA.mp3</filename>

You can search for and replace the path (C:\Users\jeff_\Storage\Resources\NT-Gergiko-Audio\ in my example) with the new path. Please make a backup copy of the .appdef file before trying this… :slight_smile:

That would be an awesome feature request!