Ability to flag/report errata in the text

It would be great if the users have ability to mark a verse/highlighted words for review if they feel there might be an error with the text itself. Perhaps it could work like the ability to auto email an email address on file with the highlighted area.

This could be useful to help crowdsourcing error checking with the text.


In the Features section of an SAB app, on the Annotations tab, make sure that the Notes checkbox is checked. That allows users to add notes to the text, if they feel there is an error, etc. Also on that Annotation tab, at the bottom you can add an Email Address and Subject, which will be used if a user shares those annotations via email. Here are the instructions that we have put in the About box of an app that is enabled for collecting comments in this way:

You can submit comments on these draft texts by adding notes and sending those notes to the translation team. First, add notes to the text: tap the text of a verse to select it, tap the “Note” icon at the bottom, type your comment, and tap the check mark in the upper right to save it. Then send your notes: tap the menu icon in the upper left, tap “Notes”, once you see the list of notes, tap the share icon in the upper right, tap on “Gmail” to prepare an email (already addressed) with your notes attached, add a message (optional) and tap on “Send”.

Thanks Jeff, I didn’t know about that, will do.

@O_Dev should I change this so it is no longer a feature request? I don’t want to delete it as Jeff gave good information.

Sure Ian, thanks. Agreed.