About Box not showing in Dictionary App Builder after installation

I installed a dictionary app on Android. After it was open, I pushed the Home button of the phone so the app went “into the background”. I went back to the app by pushing the app icon. Now in the navigation drawer, the About text was missing completely. I observed this on an Android 5 device and an Android 9 emulator. It only happens after the installation of the app.

@Friedo: Sorry, I am not able to reproduce your issue with my project. I don’t know if it is specific to your project. It might help to do a screen recording of reproducing the issue and access to your project.


Thank you for sending me the screen recording and the project via a private message.

I was able to replicate this issue with DAB 6.1. When I attempted to debug this in the code that will be DAB 6.2, I was not able to reproduce it.

Good to know, thanks! I imagine that DAB 6.2 will be out before long?