About page image -relative size problems (SAB 9.2.2)

Images are not displaying as expected on the About page if I place them next to each other, separated with a space.

What I am trying to get (mockup):

The problem seems to be caused when I set the image size to 40%
as per the documentation

8. About Page > 8.2. Which formatting codes can I use in the About page?

Image To add an image, first add the image file to the app illustrations
(Images > Illustrations) and use the following HTML code:

<img src="image1.jpg"/>

You can specify width information, as a percentage (e.g. “80%”)
or a fixed number of pixels (e.g. “80px”):

<img width="80%" src="image1.jpg"/>

My code:

<img width="40%" src="_about_all_bssa1024.png"/> <img width="40%" src="_about_zul201024.png"/> <img width="40%" src="_about_all_manna1024.png"/> <img width="40%" src="_about_all_bssa1024.png"/>

This causes images to be far too small and go missing:

I can set the width to a pixel amount, but I am not sure what resolution the users device will be, so the images could end up displaying too small or too large.

Workaround (until this is hopefully fixed):

1 image per line.