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I love the way SAB handles text files without the need for absolute or even relative pathnames! This makes it incredibly easy to move the entire App Project file to another system and not have to point SAB to the location of the text, even if the system change includes an operating system change. This also makes editing the appdef file itself easier since only the filename of the text file is needed in the appdef.

That leads me to the issue of the audio files, which require absolute path names. Every time the project is moved, SAB needs to be told where the audio files are. Right now, I’m trying to modify a large number of apps (roughly 200 built on another computer) using a script that edits the appdef files directly, which works great for everything other than the audio files. I don’t need to edit the appdef at all in concern with the text files, since their path is implicit in the SAB file structure, but the need for absolute pathnames with audio makes this task very tricky, especially given the need for multiple operating systems to be involved. I’m sure there are reasons that the audio wasn’t handled this way while the text was, but I’m not currently aware of what issues might arise if things were handled that way. Would it be possible to modify SAB to include audio files in its file organization like the text? I would be more than willing to help and/or make these changes if it’s something that is possible but not something you can devote attention to.

Thank you!