Add Facebook SDK capability for Facebook App Ads

Facebook Ads are an option for app promotion but we have run into a major constraint when promoting an App created by SAB. In order to track app installs within Facebook Ads, you need to install/implement the Facebook SDK. Facebook SDK is a library that, for Android, needs to be add into a project using Android studio or any code editor available. Since SAB is software to build apps automatically, it means that we cannot add any source code library into it. This is something that we must be added by the SAB developer. Without Facebook SDK implementation, app ads are a bit of a blind spend as you just pay for Clicks and cannot pay for successful app installs.

@SAB team, would it be possible to add Facebook SDK capability to a future version of SAB?

I agree with this request wholeheartedly!

@baf see my post here and @ChrisHubbard reply - facebook not on the roadmap:

I would like this as well, but I think this may be because there are quite a lot of additional permission required in terms of data protection (especially in the EU). Google and apple stores require disclosure of this kind of tracking. Facebook SDK has also caused some issues for major apps so might be quite a lot to deal with for SAB team (

@baf have you tried app ads ‘blind’ using facebook ads? I’m planning to do the same for our app when it’s released. Would be interested to know how others are using bible apps + fb ads!

You can add the Facebook SDK to apps using Scripture App Builder 8.0.

Go to Analytics > Add Analytics Account, and select Facebook Analytics as the account type. You will need to enter your Facebook App ID.

Please let us know how this works for you.

Can this be used for Facebook App Install ads?

@jkurian I was hoping to use it this way, but I’m not sure its possible. They devs did mention they were going to remove support for facebook analytics, as facebook are closing analytics (but not ads). There are also quite a lot of things to consider to comply with data protection laws, for ads retargeting, depending on your location.