Add support for including an LWC in the checking script

From Scott Dysart:
My idea was that you might add a third column that could be used to contain a LWC translation for the questions (So English, Vernacular, LWC). This data could be held in a TransceleratorLWC.xml file which could then be passed around within the group. The TransceleratorLWC.xml could either be built up over time or we could setup a workshop to ‘pound it out’. That’s my idea anyway.

Comments and a possible alternative approach (from Tom):
As described, Transcelerator would not really be able to help much with the translation of the questions in the LWC. That’s not necessarily a show stopper, but if the LWC had an accessible Paratext project associated with it, it would be nice if Transcelerator could be used to help produce the translation into the LWC. (This is the approach I have envisioned and hope would be possible for creating localized versions of the questions.) In that case, maybe Transcelerator could have a feature that would export the translations into a file that could be saved in Program Data as a localization (and ideally shared back for subsequent inclusion with future versions of Transcelerator).
Regardless of how the LWC questions got translated, in Transcelerator there could be a place in the UI where the user could select an additional LWC (from the list of available ones) to display in another column. That column would not affect the actual operation of Transcelerator at all (except we’d maybe want to offer the ability to filter on it as you currently can the English column). It would just be a read-only* column that could be looked at when translating the vernacular. Then when we create the script, we’d have the option of including the English and/or the LWC.

  • It wouldn’t have to be read-only. We could allow it to be editable in place to enhance/fix the LWC translation. But we’d probably want it to be read-only by default to avoid confusion. If the user made it editable any changes/additions would need to be saved in an overrides file that could eventually be shared back and merged with the master version if appropriate.

You’'l be happy to know that I have made a significant enhancement to Transcelerator (released today as version 1.3), to allow for the questions to be displayed in a localized LWC. This is not an additional column (as you requested), though that should now be fairly trivial to do. If you have a particular LWC in mind that is of interest to you, please let me know and I can probably help you get set up to start working on translating to create a localized version.