Adding a Border

I’ve been searching this forum for some advice on behalf of a field worker in Africa seeking to surround his text with a border that will feel correct for “Cousins” in his area. I thought SAB provided a few good borders to choose from, but he told me the section was empty. Must he find his own border and upload it, or is he just looking in the wrong place?

Using the least SAB 6.0 Under Images, click Border click choose from Gallery.

There are 21 options there. Or you can create your own.

On a related note, is there a way to only put the border about the scripture text and avoid putting the border around the front matter, book introductions, and glossary?

And/or a way to change the background color just for areas of the text?

I’m asking in hopes of both matching the print edition as closely as possible but also to make it more like a “holy” book.

@lasnider Make a new topic with that as a feature request. I thought we already had that as a feature request but I can’t find it.

So you’re saying that what I’m asking isn’t currently possible?

I can make a new feature request.

This was answered correctly here: