Adding an English header

I am wondering if we can content to the Header from tags in the Paratext file. We want to publish scripture in India with the local language name of the Book on one side, and the English name on the other. We can add the English in a field like \h1 but how can I get PTXPrint to print it? This is an image of what we want:


Hi Kent, yes this is the second time someone has requested this feature for Bibles in India. It still baffles me as to WHY someone would want a different language in the header*, other than someone thought it was a good idea at the time, and tradition now seems to be saying that it is important.

*I can’t imagine having Cyrillic script headers in my English Bible, but maybe there is a valid reason out there that I haven’t understood yet.

If there are others out there who feel that supporting multiple language headers in a non-diglot bible is valuable we could try to work out how to program this in, but for the moment it remains a low priority request.