Adding Audi and Timing Files from HearThis to Scripture App Bulider

I am trying to add add files from Hearthis to Scripture App Builder and am not having success. The book was already created by someone else, and I have the book in my phone. I do not have audi and timing files associated with it yet.
I am following the instructions I have from a Scripture App builder PDF, but the instructions are not corresponding to what I am seeing visually in the App builder. I have the Hearthis pack on my desktop. When I tap I choose the book, and then tap “Add Audio Files”. I go to my desktop and the audio files do not show up. I then tap “all files” and find the Hearthis pack. I tap the “Hearthis” pack and nothing happens. According to the instructions, I should be able to see the Hearthis files separately (the audio files and the timing files). I cannot even see those files.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Art Aviles

I don’t have time to do any testing on this until November.

Can anyone else share a Hearthis experience?