Adding video with SAB 5.0 - a possible bug related to glossary entries when videos are included

Thank you for SAB 5.0. We love the fact that we can add links to videos or (in our case) short video segments, giving us opportunity to make the app a more comprehensive way to deliver Scripture and Scripture-related products in one package. One snag, though, oddly, seems to be that when a video or videos are included in the audio folder connected to the app, the app closes when any link to a glossary entry is selected. This happens whether or not the option for users to show or hide glossary entries is present in the settings; and whether or not the link to the video is included in an SFM (Paratext) Scripture book or in a separate SFM book that is included in the app book collection. If we keep the book we used (XXC in Paratext) but delete the videos from the Videos tab in SAB, then the glossary entries function normally. I’m running the app on a Samsung Galaxy J8 with Android 8.0.0. I will attach two screenshots if I can - one showing the app on Matthew 1, with glossary entries indicated by green font; and another showing the message when a glossary entry is selected with a video link in the app.

Yes, sorry, this was a bug - found when you had both videos and glossary entries. It has been fixed in SAB 5.1.

Thanks so much, Richard, to you and Ian for your excellent, quick support on this. We are delighted to be able to include access to vernacular videos in the app.

There was another topic I had posted that has disappeared. I’m still wondering if we can have the option to have references to a chapter with no verses specified (e.g., Matthew 5) display the whole chapter in the pop-up instead of just a link to the chapter. It worked that way as recently as SAB 4.5 or 4.6, I think, but now displays just the link to open the chapter in the main window. Thanks for considering.