Adding zip of icon give wrong sizes in SAB vs RAB

I have a zip of some android app icons created with icon kitchen (I’m not allowed to post the link). The zip imports perfectly in RAB 9.2.4. But in SAB 9.2.1 all the icon sizes are reported incorrectly (e.g. 72x72 icon is listed as 76x76 in SAB), and I cannot build the app because SAB complains that the correct icon sizes are missing. Also, importing the zip in RAB in the Android legacy tab updates the Android adaptive tab correctly. In SAB, the adaptive tab is not updated at all following the import

I have tried more than one set of icons from the Icon Kitchen, same story.

Any suggestions?


Sorry everyone. This issue is fixed. I found it well described in the 9.2.3 release notes. Installing the latest build resolved my issues. May I make a small suggestion to the site admin? If release notes were posted to this forum directly, rather than just a link, I would have found my solution when I searched this forum before making this post. Thanks for considering it.