Aeneas install much larger

I just downloaded and installed Aeneas on a new computer and I noticed that although the latest download is almost the identical version number, the installer is a lot larger:

What is different in the .0_2 update?

You can see the details here:


Library 1.7.3
Python 2.7.13 3.7.4
FFmpeg 3.2.4 4.2
eSpeak 1.48.04 1.48.04
BeautifulSoup4 4.5.1 4.8.0
lxml 3.6.0 4.4.1
numpy 1.11.2 1.17.1
aeneas 1.7.3

This big difference is the version on Python. Python 2 has been deprecated so you really should use the one with Python 3.


So basically they updated all of the underlying libraries - the only thing that didn’t change was Aeneas, so I guess that’s why they used “_2” with the same version number. Thanks.