Aeneas won't create Timing Files

I have synced all of the Chapters in Matthew using aeneas, however a few of the chapters have no timing files.

When I have synced the individual chapters I get an error message in the command window.

[Erro] An unexpected error while executing the task
[Erro] An unexpected error while executing the task : Unable to allocate array with shape (76623543,) and data type float64

Is there anything unusual about those chapters?

If you can make the book and the relevant chapter audio available, I’ll check it. Send me a personal message with the details if you want me to look.

In digging into this a bit more it appears it is an issue with Python, and memory allocation.

If I lower the bitrate of the sound files aeneas will syc the files no problem.

For everyone’s benefit what was the unacceptable bitrate and the acceptable bitrate in your case?

What CPU and RAM do you have? That could have an influence too.

It depended on the length of the file. We recorded at 128 so we reduced all the files down to 112 and this worked for most of them. There were a few files that were right around 20 minutes long that we had to reduce down to 96. I had one file that I took all the way down to 68 and it was still giving an error, so I did the timing file manually. That particular file was over 21 minutes long.

I’m running 8 gig of ram
And the processor is Intel Core 15-8300 H; CPU@230 Hz 2304 MHz


I am having trouble imagining 21 minute chapters? Mat 26 is almost 11 Min is the WEB audio. Many translations would be a lot longer. I found one on my machine that was almost 16 min. The only longer book I can find is Acts 7.

Could I get a copy of the book and the Chapter 26 audio file at 128 to test? I’ll see if I can reproduce that problem. Give me a link in a Private message.

Are you are on Windows 10? Is it a 64 bit OS? I know we have had memory issues with 32bit Java JDK on 32bit OS machines. Is your Python 32 or 64bit?