After upgrade to 10.0.1 my app created IPA crush!

After I updated to 10.0.1 for IOS, IPA, I can create the IPA but when to test it crush!
the app can not be started.
do you know what is going on? and even I downgrade also not working, can be created but can’t start the app crush!

I would appreciate if you please help me to solve this problem,
Thank you


I’m not a Mac user and don’t know what the problem is. Did you go back to the version that last worked? Try that, if you haven’t already. Uninstall your current version first.

What is the SAB version number of the version that last worked for you?

Can you provide any more detail about how the app crashes?

I probably won’t be able to help you much more than this, but the more detail you can provide, the better others will be able to help you.

God bless.

Dear Alex_Larkin,

Thank you for your response,
Yes, remove and reinstall SAB and use the latest version, 10.0.1 still does not work. However, I found the solution. I removed the file that I made the app and created the new one then it works now.

Thank you so much.