Allow custom ordering of interface languages in settings

In our app, we added a custom interface language and enabled a few of the builtin languages. The order that the languages appear in Settings > Interface Language in the app is the order that they appear on the Interface > Languages tab in SAB.

The order of these languages isn’t always a problem. But in our case, the custom interface language we added is the primary language of the people we built the app for appears at the bottom of the list. And more of an issue is that the custom language is a minority language and is listed below the majority language, which can be annoying for some of our users. It would be nice to rearrange the order of the languages.

The workaround I found was to close SAB, open the .appDef file in an editor, and rearrange the <writing-system code="en" type="interface">...</writing-system> XML elements as needed.

Rather than hacking the .appDef file, a handy feature would be the ability to rearrange the order of the languages on the Interface > Languages tab in SAB. Books can already be rearranged within a Book Collection. Something like that would be handy.