Amplitude Analytics not showing much

I’m using Amplitude and I’m not getting much information from the website. Am I missing something? Why don’t I get more detailed info? The app isn’t on the Play Store yet, but that shouldn’t matter, right? Here’s a screen shot of what I’m getting:


@Ron_Lockwood -

I used to go back to the old layout (Left bottom corner Layout feedback and options -> Go back to old Amplitude layout.

Then I go to User Activity menu and click on the User ID to get the detailed reports.

Thanks Joshy! Do you know how you could do a query on which people have viewed the book with bookID=JAS?

I think I figured it out. I created a new “event segmentation” chart. Set the event to ab_screen_view. Added group by: bookId. Set the “measured as” to Event totals and for the period of time selected I see how many times each book was viewed. I still have a lot to learn on these queries, but it seems very powerful.

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