Analytics and Security Concerns

Hi all,

I’m working on an app update for the recently released New Testament in our area. The project leader doesn’t want me to enable any analytics for this app out of concern that sometime in the future a bad actor may somehow be able to use hacked analytics information (either in the past or in real time) to identify people who have used the app in some way.

I know the SAB documentation mentions that “no personal information is included.” How true is this?

What input do you all have? Is this a real concern - like is it feasible for a bad actor to be able to use old or current analytics information to identify app users? Does the fact that Google having their own Play store analytics matter? Is a certain analytics engine more secure than others?

If we had a how-to video emphasizing how users can turn off sharing usage data, would that allow people concerned or suspicious for the personal security a way to protect themselves?

Any and all input is appreciated, especially an analytics security resource/article that might alleviate these concerns. I’d really like to include Analytics (or multiple analytics engines) to help us focus our scripture engagement efforts.