Android SDK not found in C:\Program Files\sdk


I installed Scripture App Builder on my Windows 7 (computer DELL i3). I followed the installation process. Unfortunately the setting of the SDK failed. The failure message : Android SDK not found in C:\Program Files\sdk.

May you help me.

There has been a folder name change in the Android SDK. Find the folder named cmdline-tools in the SDK then rename it to tools.

Then SAB should see the SDK.

We are making an update that should resolve this.

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I searched, but I didn’t find the cmdline-tools folder in the SDK.
May be I should wait for the update.

I just noticed something I missed. You cannot put your sdk folder in Program Files folder. There are too many restrictions in Windows to do that. It should be in the root like: C:\sdk

The first folder in the Zip file is the cmdline-tools unless you downloaded the Android Studio package.