Annotation Features not working SAB 7.0.3

Hi, I have installed the Latest SAB version is 7.0.3. I have two bible version Oriya and English, also a regular book, and html books too. Everything is working fine with Bibles. It shows the Annotation - Highlighting, Bookmark and Notes in the bottom with other options. But it is not showing in the left Main Menu (Drawer) even History is also not showing.

Please help!

Premasis Satman
Sharon Church India

Hi Premasis - if you can share your project folder with me on Google Drive PM me the link and I will take a look at it.

I see two apps here, the JELC App and the JELC Church - if it’s the JELC App one, the Annotations features are turned off in Features:

Try checking those boxes and let me know if all is well.

Not the first one, I am working on the second one JELC Church 2-2.0.0

After some tinkering, I noticed that this project was originally made with Reading App Builder. If you are using RAB still, download and use SAB instead if you want the scripture annotation options to work correctly.

Once you have SAB installed - or if you are already on SAB - close all instances of RAB or SAB. Open the “JELC Church - 2-2.0.0.appDef” file in a text editor. Change the beginning of the file from RAB to SAB in the second line:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<app-definition type="RAB" program-version="7.0.3">
  <project-name>JELC Church - 2-2.0.0</project-name>

Just change that “RAB” to “SAB” there, save and close the file, then open and build your app in SAB. In my experimentation here, that allowed the annotation options to show up. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

This trick worked! Thank you very much.

Great news! Happy building! :smiley: