Annotations Features Not Working for Text without verse numbers

I was just testing a Bible study app that I’m working on and realized that the Annotation Features (Highlight, Notes, Bookmarks, Copy, Share, Play Audio from Selected Text) aren’t working (though the built in Android text selection menu pops up…and I can use Copy and Share…). They are working in another app that I’ve worked on (local translation of Bible).

The only reason that makes sense for why it doesn’t work is that my text doesn’t have verse numbers. This makes sense when I think about how SAB implements these features - the user taps a verse and it is underlined with dotted line and then the Annotations Features options pop up. Since my Bible study app doesn’t have verse numbers, I guess I can’t use the Annotations Features.

Any plans for Annotation Features to be implement separate from verse numbers? Or am I missing something? Does Reading App Builder have the Annotation Features implemented? If so, perhaps I should move my non-scripture app (bible study app) over to RAB.

Yes, this is a current limitation: the annotation features (notes, highlighting and bookmarks) do not work when there are no verse numbers. It is possible that this will be enabled in the future.