Any IOS app approval success story?

I read quite a number of posts about IOS apps built with SAB being rejected by reviewers. Is there anyone with any success story? I built a non-English “worship songs” app using SAB and got rejected due to “Guideline 4.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality.” I don’t know how else to be creative. I basically have a few hundred of songs included in the app that are normally sung at our Churches. I have thousands of potential users waiting for this app. I had the Android version successfully published at Play Store and is being installed everyday but most of my potential consumers are iPhone users.

Sorry no success story.

Have you thought of a Progressive Web App. They are installable on iOS devices. It gets around Apple’s ‘standards’. SAB can create it for you but you need to find suitable web hosting.

Can you add some songs with synced audio? Add some videos related to the songs? Or add some other content, preferably media rich.

Thank you very much. I will definitely explore that. It might be the way to go.
The only thing is if I could get the refund of $99 from apple because without it I wasn’t even able to build an app, and now I won’t be needing it to publish my app. Thanks again.

Wilfred, we know of over 100 successfully approved apps for iOS made with the App Builders.

What is important is that your app is more than just a simple book. If it is just a book, it would be better to publish it in iBooks. So you need to think about how to add more features to your app, e.g.

  • Have you enabled the song index?
  • Have you included audio for the songs?
  • Have you used good graphic design?
  • Does the app look distinctive and professional?
  • Can you include any embedded videos?

In addition to what richard just pointed out I think it might also help if you describe to the reviewers in some detail what your app is about. At the bottom of the App Store Connect page where you add your screenshots and other store listing information, there is a review section with a “Notes” field. I usually tell the reviewer that the app is unique because it serves a certain language group. You can also add some information about the functionality of SAB apps: For example, the app has a reading history, a Search, a Dark and Sepia mode, audio etc.