API key does not have permission (SABv10)

Just updated to SAB v10 and wanted to test my app to see if the bug fixed worked however I can’t build the app as I get a popup message:


I read in the release notes:
Apps connect to Faith Comes By Hearing’s Bible Brain server (DBP4) for audio file downloads and streaming. Previously we used Digital Bible Platform version 2 (DBP2).

Considering that I never had an issue with previous SAB v9.2.4 when building the app, something has changed and now I can’t even build the app.

Here is info from the FBCH Bible Brian file source test:
API Key: 492d6f**************************

FCBH Bible Brain Fileset variants available:
• MP3: Can stream (but not download)
• WebM: Can stream (but not download)

@Tyler_Hewitt Please contact Bible Brain Helpdesk (using the “Contact Support” Button) and they can address the permissions issue.

Thank you. I did contact Bible Brain and they are looking into the issue. Right now, the work around is to change the file source to ‘streaming only’. After that change, the app was able to build. So there is an issue with download audio from FBCH since the v10 release. I wasn’t sure if it was something to do with the feature release of DBP4 as noted in the v10 release notes.