App Builders 11.4.4 used on Scriptoria - Updated 2024-06-17

Updated: 2024-06-17

Scriptoria uses the following versions of the App Builders software:

  • Scripture App Builder 11.4.4
  • Reading App Builder 11.4.4
  • Dictionary App Builder 11.4.4
  • Keyboard App Builder 11.4.4

Previous versions also available:

  • 11.4.3
  • 11.4.2
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The two previous releases are available as well. An organizational admin has access to Publishing Properties that can be set on a product in Scriptoria.


Selecting this will display a dialog.


Clicking on the “Default” button will provide the default settings that you might want to override for a specific product.


You can change the tag “latest” to one of the previous versions available (listed above).