App Builders 9.0 is out. How soon should we update Scriptoria?


Each time we release a major release of the App Builders, we have to decide how long to wait until we update Scriptoria to use it. There are always bugs with software but some could be showstoppers that keep the software from working (either in the new version or the other version … or both!).

Please respond if you have an opinion about when we should upgrade. I am leaning toward sooner than later.

Thanks for your input!

Chris Hubbard

Google Play now requires Android 11. So we need to update to App Builder 9.0. I am updating Scriptoria now.

Sounds good!

Are all Scriptoria apps automatically updated? Or does each app need to opt-in? Can’t remember.

Also, how soon will the update happen, and will the creators be notified?


We haven’t implemented the automated builds yet. It is on our goals for this quarter. So it could be in the next month or 2.

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