App Bundle - does key need to be uploaded to Google developer account?

I’m curious, if I wanted to use the option Build App Bundle in SAB > Build, do I need to upload my key to Google? The reason I’m asking is that I read this in the Google Developer account:

"App signing by Google Play

Allow Google to protect the app signing key for your app and sign each release so Android devices can trust that updates are from you. This is a requirement to publish with the Android App Bundle."


If you decide to use App Bundles, then you have to upload the signing keystore to Google Play. With App Bundles, Google will repackage the app to be specific to the device that it is sending it to. It has to be able to resign the app after stripping out unneeded resources.

Be aware: You should turn off the “Share app installer file” feature since it is not likely to work anymore since users will have different phone and the app delivered to them will be missing resources needed for other phones.

Scriptoria Users: We currently don’t support App Bundles.

In the second half of 2021, all new apps created on Google Play will have to be App Bundles. So if you need to be grandfathered into APKs (so users can download from Google Play and then share with others), then you may want to get an app up soon.


Update: Scriptoria supports publishing App Bundles.