App Crashes onTable of Contents

Hello, I finished my first app and have two problems.

For some reason it crashes when changing Text Appearance in table of contents. I do have menu with images, but crashes on doc with words and also doc with images.

Only opens to the same Lesson 6. Not to where you were last reading

I wrote the app with Word exported - Paratext - instead of using Paratext edited with TextEdit on Mac and Windows 10. Using Scripture App on Mac.

Can you make your app available to me? Send me a link in a Personal message. I’d check for source text issues, then try and reproduce the issue. If I can then I’d make that available to the developers.

You said you were building on a Mac but you did not say if it was crashing on Android or iOS.

Version 7.1 is available. Good if you can update to that, as I’d check against that version.

Thank you for your response.

The app is crashing on Android I have not yet tried it on iOS.

I will also update to Version 7.1

This is my first app. Do I send the entire app and restore or just the apk file? Also, How do I send the link in a personal message? I just found how to send a personal message.

Thanks I got your files.

When I tested on Nox player on my computer I got app crashes as you describe. But when I tested on a real phones (Android 6.0.1, 8.1, 4.4.4) I got no crash.

I also tested on a Mac and made an Android app. Again no crashing problem.

So are you getting a crash with a physical phone or on a simulator?

Thank you for testing this. I am getting the crash on a physical phone a Nokia 2.3.

Thank you, the app no longer crashes.

I updated to Version 7.1.

I also realized that I have my Nokia set to large text. When I changed it to default text - the app no longer crashed. thank you for your help.

That is good news. Thanks for letting us know.


I just want to clarify. Was it upgrading to 7.1 that fixed it or turning off large text? So does it still crash with 7.1 if large text is on?



Since I did the rebuild with 7.1 I turned on the large text and it did not crash.

Thank you guys for what you do.