App Crashes related to Gecko View

Crashlytics is reporting crashes of our Northern Thai App related to Geckoview. Can anyone help us understand these crashes and anything we can do to improve the app re lesson these crashes?

I noted that most of the phones with the first error are rooted OnePlus phones.

We have not yet experienced these crashes in our testing. Any wisdom about Crashlytic reports is welcome,

Roger Green

The error message “RuntimeException: Could not find mozglue path” indicates that there was a problem finding the GeckoView library files in the app. This might be because the user was trying to install an app with library files for just one architecture (such as ARM 64) on say an Intel device.

Do you know how the apps are being distributed? Are people downloading from Play Store and then distributing offline among themselves? If the architecture of the phones are different, the correct GeckoView library files might be missing. When installing from Google Play, Google only sends those library files that are needed for that person’s device architecture.

The app and this upgrade are distributed entirely by the playstore. The aab file was very large to include the device files needed as you described. So I don’t think that is the issue, but if these phones were rooted could that change anything.

You might have more ideas if you could look at the specifics in the Crashlytics reports. Are you able to access the app Crashlytics? The app id is lnb.nt.w.inte.aud.rg I looked for way to share the Crashytics, but did not see anything straightforward.

When you publish the app to Google Play, you do so with a very large Android App Bundle (AAB) file which contains everything. But when a user installs an app on their phone, Google just sends them a cut-down-to-size APK with just the files needed for their device architecture. This means that if this user then tries to share this APK with a friend offline, it is possible that all the necessary files for their friend’s device are not in the APK.