App installation from SAB 10.3.2 Creates Cloned App

I am facing a problem when installing the app built with SAB 10.3.2. There are two app icons on my android app which One of the two is cloned. How to solve this guys?

This can happen when you have an older version of the app that was created with a different keystore. They are installed separately, but if they have the same app name and icon, it’s hard to tell which is which. I would recommend uninstalling both apps currently installed. (The process is different on different versions of Android. On my phone, I tap and hold the icon for a short instant, then release, and it gives me the option to uninstall.) Then rebuild (or simply install) your new app, and it should be the only one.

I am facing the same problem since the latest SAB 10.3.2 update. I have tested even on new app. It creates original app icon and cloned app icon during installation an app from SAB after building. Any fix please?

I have unistalled all previous version but Still is not working

I have had this happen once before and hope it can solve your problem.
What was different between the two apps was the package name. If the package name is different between the two it will be viewed as a different app.

Check the package name and keystore, uninstall previous installations from phone, then reinstall multiple times to check if it resolves the issue.

The problem now solved. Thanks James_Cuthbert