App name reverted to "Template App"

An issue has reappeared with the name of our Apple app. The app’s name is Sheijie Tae’er, and it shows up as this on the App Store. Originally, when the app was installed on a device, the name appeared on the device as Template App. One of the SAB team noticed this and told me how to fix it, by removing an apostrophe in the name of the ipa file. I removed the apostrophe and, in the next update of the app, the problem was fixed. However, in the most recent update (which we built using using SAB 4.3), it’s become Template App again! Just now I installed the hot-off-the-press SAB 4.5, rebuilt the app, opened it using the simulator, and found the same problem. Help!


Can you open a support issue at Please include a link to a copy of your current project and ask to assign it to me. Send me a private message when you have the support issue added.