App not working on Huawei

I have friends telling me that my app won’t work on their Huawei devices.
It seems that Huawei has their own app store (called App Gallery) and my friends are asking if we can put the app on that. I have been told that many people in Iraq are using Huawei devices and are having this problem.
Does anyone have experience with that? Do you know if they accept normal APKs?

How old are their phones? Mine is a year old and is working fine with SAB apps.

The US Gov told Goolge not to work with Huawei, but I’m can’t remember when they were locked out.

Huawei 7i, but my question is more about the Huawei App Gallery and wondering how that works and if anyone has tried it. I was going to do some research and try signing up but wondered first if someone else has any experience.

So have they actually tried installing the APK directly?

I have not heard of anyone submitting to the AppGallery.