App Registration Screen issue

Hi SAB Team,

I have to build an application through SAB 9.01. After building this app When I open the app the Registration Screen appears and then I enter my email address it gives me this error (Sorry, we were unable to sign in to the database server). I am sharing my screenshot. Please kindly help anyone in this community.

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C. Thiyagarajan
The Bible Society of India

Double check your Firebase setup.
Refer to the documentation
Section 20.1* Firebase Analytics p.72* and
Section 23* Registration Screen pp.79-80*

*Sections numbers and page numbers may differ as more content is added to the documentation.

Hi Greg Ashley Cooper,

Thank you for your kind support. I have missed out some steps. Now I am able to login.


C. Thiyagarajan

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Please don’t add topics to Scripture App Builder > SAB Feature Requests unless it is a feature request.

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I used to do that before it work fine, after a few months and got many users then I got that problem, an error( sorry, we were unable to sign in to the database server), This is from the firebase or from the App Bulider? how can I fix it?