App Store broadly rejecting updates to iOS apps built by SAB?

How many people on here have recently had an iOS version of an app rejected by the App Store?

We got 3 iOS apps published at the end of May and just attempted to update one of them (a provisional NT translation) this week. However, the update was rejected and the reason was clear that it was a larger issue, not specific to my app. Apple seems to be taking issue with the “cookie cutter” approach to app making. Don’t have a ton of users yet for these iOS apps but starting on Sunday, one of the apps will have expired and be unusable because our update was rejected.

Is anyone one the SAB developer team in dialogue with Apple about this? Perhaps @ChrisHubbard or @richard or someone else can weigh in on this.

We have not yet engaged them in discussion about this issue yet. It is an ongoing problem that needs to be address. If this is related to app being submitted by Dan, then I have replied to that email thread.


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it was an app that I created but that Dan was submitting to the App Store.

Any update on this issue @lasnider? I also got some reports on App store rejecting SAB apps.