App taking longer than 60 seconds to boot

I’d like to suggest an optimization for faster startup times in apps with dozens of versions. I’m creating a Global Hebrew Bible app in partnership with Biblica, which will complement what we’re doing over at One way to serve translators around the world who are learning Hebrew is to give them the option of an app of the Hebrew Bible with a parallel version in a language they already know. So we’re trying to load versions of all the major gateway languages onto the app, which I realize is stretching the original design of the app, which it is not optimized for. The app has no images, and no audio embedded or linked yet, but it still takes longer than a minute to boot up on my Pixel 3a phone. So far it has 38 versions of the OT in it. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes if this can be sorted out in a future update. It would be a huge blessing to more than 10,000 people who are currently learning Hebrew with us all around the world, especially all the MTTs represented in that group. Thanks for all you do!

Just a suggestion - I think it would be better to create one app for each of the gateway languages, rather than one app with 38 languages in it. Think about it… How many people would want more than one gateway language? I might personally want two: English for best comprehension (for me) and French for sharing with work colleagues, but even then having two separate apps would actually be better, since they would be used in different contexts. Yes, it would be a bit more work for the developers, but I think it actually would be a better solution.

People have suggested the idea elsewhere of have optional languages downloadable. I think this would be useful. An entire Bible text doesn’t take up much space but if it also slows the app down that is another reason to want it.
In my Kurdish app I have included other languages people might be more literate in like Arabic and Farsi. I have also included English as many are learning it and much of the diaspora is in English speaking countries, but there are also many in the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany (as well those who reading Kurdish in a Latin or Cyrillic script). If I include all of those I would start to encounter the same problem you have. Very few Kurds would want more than 2 or 3 languages. I don’t know how difficult this would be technically but it might be worth considering.

Thanks Jeff; I’ve thought of that for sure, but it actually isn’t as convenient as it sounds. It would be a headache to update 38 apps each time, and it wouldn’t be obvious for sharing with friends who speak different languages. It’s much more elegant and strategic as one app. Otherwise it would be like having a completely separate operating system for every language. I don’t ever use Arabic on my Windows OS, but it sure is simpler to have the option within the system rather than an entirely separate OS installation file.

Andrew, thank you very much for bringing this problem to our attention. It has helped to identify some inefficient code on app start-up.

For apps like yours with many translations which were taking over 60 seconds to launch… in the next release of Scripture App Builder they will take around 3 seconds! Thanks again!