App with audio streaming - app crashes on audio clip sharing

I just had to restrict my audio in an app to “Files are streamed” instead of both options (downloading and streaming) because of a license issue with FCBH. Does this mean that now the sharing of audio clips for selected verses doesn’t work anymore or shouldn’t be used? As it is now, when I try to share an audio clip it seems to download the file but then the app crashes. After I reopen the app, I am able to share the audio clip.

Hi @Friedo
We have the same setup for our audio, and I have tested this. However, we are not using FCBH, just an open location/address.
The files are stored temporarily. I can’t find any audio files even if I search for hidden.
The sharing option still works, though. I have tested this up to version 9.3 SAB for Windows.