App won't install

Recently when I build new apps and try to install them, I get this error “There was a problem parsing the package” and it fails to install. I have tried them on two devices, and updated to the most recent version of SAB, but I am still getting this error. Any ideas? Thanks

Which minimum Android platform did you select in SAB > App > APK? Could it be that your phone(s) are lower than the setting there?
Another thought, is your Android SDK installation up to date?

Ok, I built it based on API 19 and it installed. So If I build it based on the latest (33) will it still download and work on my phone? This is not that old of a phone, and many here in Cameroon will not have newer phones. Thanks for the help!

Actually, the setting “Minimum Android Platform” has nothing to do with the target API. This is determined by the SAB version that you are using in connection with the Android SDK that it uses.


So an app built with API 19 as the minimum Android platform will still include the code to install the app on devices with API 33 (Android 13). Actually, you should not at all set the minimum Android platform to API 33 because this means that you exclude all devices but the ones that use API 33 from the installation of the app. I usually set the minimum Android platform to the lowest possible so that I include all potential users in my app publications.
Does this make sense?

Yep that makes sense, Thank you this is perfect.