Apple App Store publishing issues

I have notice comments about issues with publishing on the App Store.

  • What is the number of SAB apps that can be published before they start rejecting them?
  • What needs to be done for the app not to be rejected as being a book?
  • Any other issues we need to take note of?


We only have experience with one organization creating multiple apps in one account and then being rejected due to be duplicate apps. I don’t remember the count of apps, but I think it was around 10 or so.

Early on, we had trouble with apps being rejected for being “just a book” and needed to add features. I would suggest:

  • multiple book collections - have a reference text in another related language
  • text / audio synchronization
  • verse on image
  • verse of the day
  • daily reminder (optional and off by default)
  • maybe: user accounts for bookmark / highlight / notes synchronization (I don’t know if this will help)

Thanks @ChrisHubbard
I am hoping to submit without audio at this stage.
Most of our apps are already multiple Bibles. They are grouped by language (11) since for example a Sesotho speaker most like does not want isiZulu Bibles, etc.
We are thinking of grouping language types together to limit the number of apps further.

We have also introduced an iOS Container app where you could publish one app and the user would select from one of several languages (where one of the selections points to an SAB project). So this would be helpful if you have dozens (or hundreds) of language for some region or publisher. Let me know if you would like to look into this.