Apple iOS app store submission recommendations

Hi all,

I wanted to provide a few suggestions with regards to submitting apps to the Apple App store.

Biblica currently has 53 apps available on Apple Store and have gone through many Apple review rejections, below are a few recommendations that has helped with the various issues Apple find.

  • Unique Logos - we have a slight difference to our app logos so Apple doesn’t say we are replicating apps on the store.
  • User Accounts - Enabling this feature in the apps seem to help with the having additional functionality within apps.
  • App interface - having the app interface be the same as Bible text.
  • Regional restriction - App only available in a specific country or region, I have found this helps so much! For example we have an Icelandic app only available in Iceland and USA. Once app is approved, we try make additional countries and regions available.
  • Additional Content - Including language specific content such as videos, audio or text make the app unique to other in the store.

I hope some of these recommendations help you with getting your apps approved.

If anyone else has any further recommendations, please reply on this thread.

Kind regards,
James Cuthbert


Thanks so much James for sharing these tips!

I wasn’t quite sure what your meant by this:

Are you referring to the text formatting? Or perhaps the language used?


Hi Alex,

Yes I meant to write “Interface Language”.

This of course is not so easy as there are many words and phrases and can take some time to complete.

We are currently going through all our apps to translate the interface language and will share translations with team to see if it can be used within Scripture App Builder.

From one of our Apple app submissions, they rejected it as they said it duplicated apps, we then translated store page and app and it was approved without any problems.

We had a long review process with Apple (see image below), multiple back and forth trying to explain the uniqueness of the app. For the app below, we added in Portuguese audio, video, app name change. We finally got it approved after 4 attempts.

I hope the above helps.
James Cuthbert

Thanks James for the clarification!