Arabic and Hebrew/Greek texts override each other


I started a new app project with multiple bible versions (Indonesian, Arabic, dan Hebrew/Greek hybrid) and when I test the generated app, everytime I open the Arabic version, the app will always display either the Hebrew text (if I open the Old Testament books) or the Greek text (if I open the New Testament ones). At first, I thought it was because of a “Unicode” thing, so I tried compiling the app with different fonts but it still gives the same result. I even tried if changing the text direction to the same direction would fix this but it doesn’t.

Then I tried removing the Hebrew and Greek text from the app and the Arabic text displayed correctly. That led me into thinking that the Hebrew/Greek texts might somehow override the Arabic. But then I tried another thing. I reordered the book collection so that the Hebrew/Greek text comes first on the list, so I changed it from “C01 - Indonesian, C02 - Arabic, C03 Hebrew/Greek” to “C01 - Indonesian, C02 - Hebrew/Greek, C03 Arabic”. And now, everytime I open the Hebrew/Greek version, the app will display the Arabic texts!

Any idea why this happened or how to fix this?

I don’t know if this is the same problem you might be facing, but… I think I have seen similar seemingly random behaviour with multi-lingual scripture apps in the past. In my case, it was because the filenames weren’t completely unique, and somewhere in the build process, SAB was getting muddled. So I re-worked all the filenames to ensure that no two scripture text files were called the same, and it now works flawlessly (and predictably!). I hope it helps you too.

Hi mjpenny,

Sorry for the late reply. I tried your solution and it worked! It’s amazing how such a simple thing could cause so much trouble. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for confirming that my suggestion worked. I think it is worth raising this with the developers so that others aren’t accidentally caught out on the same “bug” which essentially is due to SAB allowing you to build an app that looks great but doesn’t do what you’re expecting it to do. Or at the very least this needs to be documented somewhere in the section on building multi-script/multi-lingual apps.


I believe that I saw that @richard made a change recently for this bug. I hope it will be fixed in the next release.