Architecture-specific install fails on ARM 32 bit, Android 6.0.1

I’ve just heard from a user complaining of a crash on my latest build (but with no specifics), so I thought I’d test myself on an older Android device: a Lenovo tablet TB-X103F, with a Qualcomm APQ8009 ARM 32 bit processor, running Android 6.0.1.
When I build with ‘Multiple APKs’ selected, install fails on the attached tablet with this error:
If I build with ‘Multilple APKs’ deselected, it installs and runs ok.
Any thoughts?

Phil, are you installing the app from Scripture App Builder? Has the architecture of the attached device been set correctly in Settings > Tools > After Build?

Thanks Richard. I didn’t realise I had to change this setting to install on a 32 bit device from SAB. It works now.