Are chapter numbers included?

I am learning how to use Bible Modules and in the \inc section it says you can’t use chapter numbers. Is this true? Is there something I need to add like \inc c to include them? Will they be treated as chapter numbers normally are?

AFAIK, there’s no way to directly import chapter numbers into Bible Modules from the original location. This is likely because the purpose of Bible Modules is typically to load smaller sections of text, not spans of multiple chapters.

However, you can easily add the \c markers directly into the Bible Module itself. This might look like:

\id XXA - Bible Module
\inc v s
\c 1
\ref GEN 1:1-31
\c 2
\ref GEN 2:1-25
\c 3
\ref GEN 3:1-24
\c 1
\ref EXO 1:1-22

Note that I think that final chapter 1 marker from EXO will print correctly inside of PTXprint, but I haven’t tested it. Paratext itself wouldn’t like that because the chapter numbers would be repeated and/or out of order. Depending on exactly what you’re trying to do, it might be better to create a new marker and style it to look like a chapter number, rather than actually use the \c marker.