Are you interested in getting volunteer help for checking SAB timings?

Hi all,
SABassist, a ministry group in Northern Ireland, have set up a system whereby volunteers worldwide can sign up on a portal site, get some Skype-based training, and receive “fine tune timings” packages from SAB projects. They don’t need SAB installed, but get sent timing file info (inc. audio and HTML files) and can launch the “fine tune timings” interface in their browser. They receive a book at a time and once they’ve fine tuned the chapters, they upload it again to the portal. This “crowd-sourced” method of checking timings is very helpful, especially when considering the time it would take one person alone to check a whole NT.
I am currently the liaison between this group and the SAB project language teams, sending them NT projects one by one. There are about 30 volunteers, and it currently takes a week or so for a whole NT to get checked. The trick is balancing the number of volunteers to the need–so we have enough volunteers to make the process speedy, but not so many that we run out of NTs and so lose interested parties.
Would any of you be interested in this service? We would love to have an idea of potentially how many projects might use this in the coming weeks and months. Please email me at if you are interested, and let me know approximately how many timings projects you might have, and when you would need the checking done.
Thank you!