Assignment of Book IDs with Word doc source

Hi all,
I’m probably missing something very simple here, but I’ve added 33 non-scripture books to an app project, each book using a single Word doc file as source and having a single title, and then text. This project is a series of transcribed radio dramas, episodes 60 - 92. I noticed that somehow SAB was assigning them book IDs from B060 to B092. That looks fine. I then added the last 9 books and noticed that SAB gave them book Ids of B001 - B009. That was not expected. I’m not sure how SAB assigns the IDs or how I can change them. The book ID field is non-editable.
Thanks for any ideas you can give.

But you can drag in the book list to a desired positions between other books, regardless of the book ID, and it that order they will appear in the GRID menu in the APP … if this helps

I know what you mean. I like things to be organized in my projects and have seen it also where the book IDs were not listed how I hoped… mainly because I deleted some of the books and then later added others in. Say you have three books in a collection - B001, B002 & B003. If you delete book B001 and then import in a new book, it will have the book ID B004. At least this is the the case if you are using SFM format books.

I would also be interested to know if there is a way to change IDs or if there is a way to import that helps ensure that they are numbered as desired.