Audio clip file error message in 9.1.1 requiring conversion from variable to constant bitrate


I am getting the following error message in 9.1.1. It tells me that my audio clip files must be converted from variable bitrate to constant bitrate. I do not get this error in 9.1.

Thank you for your help.

I’m glad to see that 9.1.1 is now warning users who are using variable bit rates. I had a great deal of frustration with inconsistencies in the application of timing files before I realized that the problem was due to using variable bit rate files.

The solution is to convert your files to constant bit rate.

See this post: MP3 file size for a full Bible and variable bit rate

The reason we require constant bitrate is that the text to audio synchronization requires it. However, this is probably not needed for audio clips. @richard, should we ease the requirement for CBR for audio clips?

@Dan_Em: This was changed in SAB 7.2.